UPDATE festival – Masterclasses and Exhibition in Liepaja and Online

From November 21 to 26, in various places in Liepaja and online, an educational and entertaining program about art, especially new media and digital art, and technology will be available to anyone interested. The UPDATE festival brings together artists from various fields who use technologies in their works – smart technologies, machine learning, artificial intelligence, specific programs, and unique approaches. All festival activities are open and free of charge to anyone interested, regardless of age or previous education.

Educational program – masterclasses on weekday evenings and “Family Day”

As part of the UPDATE festival, 5 masterclasses will be available online and in Liepaja (MPLab, Kurmajas pr. 13, in the basement) and online (link: https://ej.uz/update22). Masterclasses will take place from Monday to Thursday every day from 17:00 to 19:00.

On Monday and Tuesday evening, two parallel two-day masterclasses are available for participants – on the interactive tool TouchDesigner and the use of machine learning in art practice.

On Wednesday and Thursday evenings, there will be a two-day masterclass on the Raspberry Pi camera – participants will learn how to use this DIY (do-it-yourself) device as a tool to create photo and video works, also learning different automation approaches, using a camera over a network, and photo and video processing techniques.

Parallel to the Raspberry Pi camera masterclass, participants can choose to join a performance by Vilnius University PhD student Jan Glockner on tea ceremony traditions and meditation, the importance of ecological art and research methods of eco and bio art. This masterclass will take place on Wednesday evening. On Thursday evening, there will be a performance by the Belgian artist Bartaku, who will be using the human body as a sound instrument.

The masterclasses by Bartaku and Jan Glockner will be interesting to those who want to expand their views of the world, who want to gain new insights into what it means to live in the existing conditions.

“Family Day” on Saturday, November 26, from 12:00 (Zivju street 10/12)

Saturday’s program includes discussions and talks about ecology, gardening and art, mini workshops for children, and there will be an opportunity to view the exhibition works on display at the same address.

12:00 – discussion and talks about the use of technology in the garden, garden automation, creation and use of aquaponics and hydroponics
13:00 – discussion and talks about incorporating permaculture principles and ideas into any garden
14:00 – 16:00 workshops for children and young people, special excursions in the exhibition of works created within the framework of the festival

Opening of the exhibition “Techno / eco / systems” on Saturday, November 26, at 18:00 (Zivju street 10/12)

The exhibition artists are exploring the relationship between a person, nature, and technology. In the exhibition visitors will see VR works, works created by artificial intelligence, installations, etc. Artists from Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Latvia participate in the exhibition: Bartaku (BE/FI), Maria Verstappen&Erwin Driessens (NL), Jan Georg Glöckner (DE/LT), Maija Demitere (LV), etc.

The exhibition will be open until December 18 (Zivju iela 10/12).

Working hours:
Tuesday – Friday 15:00 – 20:00
Saturday – Sunday 12:00 – 18:00

The reason why the UPDATE festival takes place in Liepaja is the active work of the employees of Liepaja University Art Research Lab (MPLab) and the association ASTE, a group of alumni of the New Media Art study program, and their aim to create an environment in which Liepaja residents, especially students, children, and youth, would have access the latest technologies and an opportunity to meet the people who work with them. For festival organizers and lecturers, technology is a work tool that provides endless creative and work opportunities, and they will be happy to share their skills and approaches with festival participants.

Additional information on the website: update.mplab.lv/.
Access to all online events: https://ej.uz/update22.
Get in touch: Maija Demitere (maija.demitere@gmail.com, +371 29948430).
As the festival brings together international artists, the festival events are mainly held in English.

UPDATE is organized by ASTE (https://aste.gallery), a collective of media artists based in Liepaja and Liepaja University Art Research Lab (MPLab, https://mplab.lv). ASTE activities in 2022 are supported by Liepaja Municipality support for NGO’s and State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia (VKKF) support for NGO’s. UPDATE is created with the support of Liepaja Municipality, Liepaja City Municipality institution “Culture Department”, Kurzeme Planning Region, State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia (VKKF), Liepaja University and RIXC. UPDATE events are created as part of the EIT Community New European Bauhaus project “Growing Food in Liepaja” and is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.

In the picture: Interactive Installation Duo “Akyute”