Until the end of this week, June 16, two new media art exhibitions – “Novirzoties no kursa / Deviation” and “Signal Garden” can be seen in Liepaja. 

The exhibition “Novirzoties no kursa / Deviation” is a collection of 12 newly created works presenting topical themes and interests of young artists. Ieva Viksne uses brain waves as a unique control system for virtual reality (VR) experience the visitors of the exhibition can test their ability to concentrate and travel when traveling in a virtual environment. Kaspars Levalds has created a VR experience that allows the visitor to enter the depths and memories of the artist’s mind. Liga Velina visualizes changes in Latvian population data throughout history. Oskars Zikmanis has created a short film “The Patron of the Arts”, which addresses current societal challenges such as gambling addiction and the financing of the arts. The biggest work of the exhibition is the projection in a dome created by Undine Celitaine, which offers a complete immersion in the physical space.

The exhibition “Novirzoties no kursa / Deviation” uses a variety of digital media that challenge today’s technology and offer exciting works and prototypes that are interesting and educational for everyone regardless of the viewers computer skills or age.

The exhibition “Signal Garden” is located in the former baby carriage factory at Tirgus street 9, where 4 media art installations can be viewed. In Milda Ziemane’s installation you can hear artificially created swamp sounds. Arina Mozzherikov’s installation shows how robots collaborate creating artificial collective intelligence. Eva Ilze Jankovska offers a virtual gallery a completely immersive environment where digital art works and sound art installation are exhibited. Visitors are also invited to try the computer game of Matis Lociks.

Both exhibitions have been created with the support of the State Culture Capital, which is an important contribution to the creation of new art works and organization of exhibitions.

Both exhibitions open until June 16th –
“Changing course / Deviation” – in club “Kursa”, Zvejnieku alle 11b, every day from 12.00 – 18.00.
“Signal Garden” – at 9 Tirgus Street, every day from 14:00 – 19:00.



Exhibition opening “Novirzoties no kursa / Deviation”

Exhibition opening "Signal Garden"