ART+ work PAPER TREES on view in Karlsruhe (Germany)

PAPER TREES is an augmented reality artwork created at the intersection of two artists’ fields of research – Maija Demitere studies “slow” media art and how to make our daily life sustainable, Eva-Maria Lopez is interested in biodiversity and the impact of climate change and human economy on plants. The 1st iteration of PAPER TREES was opened in 2021 and was visualizing office paper used by Liepaja University in one year. The artwork, placed in front of the University, showed 56 digital trees used-up by the employees of Liepaja University and piles of paper next to them.

The new PAPER TREES visualize the 55 kg of paper and respectively the trees used on average by one person in Germany.

More info and download links of the app (to use in Karlsruhe):

More info on ART+ and download links (to use in Latvia):

PAPER TREES, 2023 (screen recording)

PAPER TREES are a part of the City of Karlsruhe’s “Media Art is Here” festival, and can be viewed until September 17, 2023, on the market square in Karlsruhe.

The work is a result of collaboration between Maija Demitere and Eva-Maria Lopez, 3D artist Liga Velina and the ART+ team. PAPER TREES can be seen in the market square in Karsruhe (DE). To view the work using augmented reality, download the PAPER TREES app on your mobile phone or tablet.

PAPER TREES is funded by UNESCO City of Media Arts Karlsruhe 2022.