8 ART+ objects in Kuldiga

As part of the Kuldiga art festival “Cooldiga Art Fest”, eight new augmented reality art objects were created and can be seen using the mobile app ART+ (https://artplus.app).

ART+ users in Kuldiga can see the unique sight of fish jumping in Venta, a scene that is usually only visible for a few weeks a year, but in augmented reality it is now available at any moment.

A full-size model of the historical plane KOD-1, or “Ventas eagle”, created based on historical images, is now also available.

The work “Line” by Krista Dinter and Jekaterina Jevdokimova captures the arrival of electricity and radio in Kuldiga in 1934.

Inga Slangena’s work “Friends for Life” celebrates the relationship between humans and pets.

“Frames” by Anija Aizkalne were inspired by the works of Indrikis Zeberins. The artist created original illustrations depicting scenes from the everyday life of young people today.

Damians Cirulis in the work “Juping Fish” has stopped the moment of the fish jumping and water splashing, so that the viewer can explore the movement and the flow of water.

“Through Time” by Madara Kronberga is dedicated to the growth experienced during the era of Duke Jacob in the 16th century.

“A Time-Traveler’s Lens” by Kristena Sokolovska offers scenes of different eras as “photos taken by a time traveler”.

To use ART+, you will need to go to the app store and download (or update) the application (Google Play or Apple Store). Links are available on the website: https://artplus.app. To view the artwork, you will need a phone or a tablet with internet and GPS. ART+ will work on iPhones newer than the 6S; and Android devices with ARCore. ART+ will unfortunately not work on devices that do not have Google Services.

If you do not have a suitable device or it is impossible to go to the locations of the artworks, ART+ works are available in a web browser and can be viewed from anywhere, on any device with internet. You can go to the ART+ website and click on “Go to Map” (https://artplus.app/map/).

ART+ is created by media artists association ASTE (https://aste.gallery). All ASTE works in 2023 is supported by Liepaja municipality support for non-governmental organizations and the support of VKKF for professional non-governmental cultural organizations. ART+ works are created with the support of Liepaja City Municipality, Liepaja City Municipality institution “Culture Department”, Kurzeme Planning Region.