AR app and website ART+ has been launched

A new augmented reality platform ART+ has been published for Android and iOS users, as well as all web users. ART+ offers more than 15 visual and sound artworks, which can be found in various places in Liepaja (can be viewed using a telephone or a tablet). The media and sound artwork included in the ART+ application can be viewed and heard from a distance, and explored close-up, some of them can even be entered. For those who cannot go for an art walk in Liepaja, a special website has been created, where all works can be viewed in a simulated augmented reality experience (website:

ART+ users should note that the application will require permission to use the Camera app and location (GPS). The application is available for both Android and iOS users.

The ART+ platform is designed as a digital gallery. Currently, the artworks in augmented reality can be viewed only in Liepaja, as the creators of the application are the Liepaja-based artists’ association ASTE. The creators of ART+ are working on curating more artworks that could be placed also in different locations.

What is augmented reality (AR)?

Augmented reality, AR, XR – these terms describe technologies and user experiences where an extra layer is added to the surrounding environment (the real life) using a digital device. These technologies can be more sophisticated, such as wearable technologies like Google Glass or Microsoft HoloLens, virtual reality (VR) devices, or simpler ones, such as a phone and a tablet. The content of augmented reality is mainly made up of training or learning simulations, games, audio guides, for example, in museums, galleries, tourist information points.

ART+ uses a phone or a tablet to allow the user to see the artwork as through a window. When the artwork is found by walking up to it in its location, it is placed in this augmented reality environment – the viewer then can explore all the objects from a distance or up-close. We are inviting viewers to walk through and in between the objects, to search for different experiences and possible sound compositions in sound pieces. It is advisable to use headphones for the sound art objects.

ART+ artists: Maija Demitere, Eva-Maria Lopez, Liga Velina, Eltons Kuns, Jekaterina Jevdokimova, Ivo Taurins, grupa “Nejausi”, Andrejs Poikans, Kristaps Pukitis, Milda Ziemane, Adelina Kalnina, Haralds Dravnieks, Marta Gutmane, Undine Celiane, Kaspars Levalds, Uldis Hasners u.c.

ART+ on web:   

ART+ for Android: Play Store

ART+ for iOS: Apple store

ART+ was created with the support of the State Culture Capital Fund (VKKF) program KulturELPA. ART+ is created by ASTE, an association of artists based in Liepaja, in cooperation with Liepaja University Art Research Lab (MPLab,