SOUND DAYS in Liepaja

The festival “Sound Days” dedicated to sound and media art will take place from May 18 to 21 in Liepaja University Art Research Lab (MPLab,, Kurmajas prospekts 13, Liepaja, offering open, free workshops for those interested in sound art. The program is created for young artists, students and professionals. The festival “Sound Days” will open with a discussion “Sounds of Independence” on the evening of May 18 with two participants of different generations – guitarist, political activist and co-founder of “Līvi”, Juris Pavītols, and talented guitarist Roberts Dinters, who supports artistic independence free of any borders. The intergenerational discussion will introduce a 3-day program with workshops and performances dedicated to sound art and media art, creative freedom of expression and electronic experimental music.

The festival will focus on meeting in person – both by strengthening mutual relations with the creative community and by experiencing and enjoying the sound in space, and acquiring new skills by choosing to work in one of the festival’s workshops. Some workshops will also be available for online participation.

Apply for workshops until May 18 (participation is for free, the number of participants is limited):

“Sound Days” will bring together emerging artists, musicians, students, professionals and those interested in sound and media art. The festival will host a program consisting of workshops, discussions, presentations and performances. The central event of the festival – the “Sound Days” concert – will offer an audiovisual program of electronic and experimental music, as well as allow them to experience the magic of surround sound by playing works created in a workshop in a live performance system around the audience. The concert will take place on Saturday, May 21 at 19:00, at the Liepaja University Art Research Lab, merging the boundaries between art and music. Performance event line-up: Latvian electroacoustic and experimental music composer Platons Buravickis, new media artist Glociks, experimental electronic music duo Nejauši, Slabens and Nosalis, Imantas Reivists, and DJ Orthodox.

4 creative workshops are offered to participants:

Platons Buravickis (LV) – composer, pianist and improviser of academic music, electroacoustic music occupies a special place in his work. The workshop will focus on the importance of material in contemporary art and introduce the granular synthesis of sound in the MAX visual programming environment. The workshop is also available for online participants.

Huan Duarte Regino (MX / FI) – media artist, researcher, PhD candidate in Aalto University, Finland. Works with interaction in generative art experiments that study the manifestations of digital and analogue platforms under the influence of environmental media. In the workshop, participants will learn the process of creating a multichannel surround sound instrument, as well as sound performances and installations. The workshop will mostly use open source programs such as Pure Data, Supercollider and Reaper.

Krišjānis Rijnieks (LV / FI) – new media artist and expert of the community creative laboratory FabLab, currently working at Aalto Fablab, Aalto University, Finland. In the workshop, participants will learn how to use the open source multimedia processing program FFmpeg to supplement your video with unique filters using the GLSL shader repository Shadertoy.

Reinis Naivivaiko (LV) – digital, creative, electronical musician and sound artist, enthusiastic researcher of the world of modular synthesis. In the workshop, nature-inspired sound objects will be created with the help of modular synthesis. Participants will learn the basic principles of how to operate a modular synthesizer in the MPLab studio.


Wednesday, 18.05.2022. 7 pm
OPENING (Liepaja University Art Research Lab, MPLab, Kurmajas pr. 13)
Opening and discussion “Sounds of Independence” (with Juris Pavītols and Roberts Dinters)

Thursday – Saturday 19 – 21.05.2022. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
WORKSHOPS (Liepaja University Art Research Lab, MPLab, Kurmajas pr. 13)
Workshops, work on individual and group creative projects

Saturday 21.05.2022. 7 pm
CONCERT (Liepaja University Art Research Lab, MPLab, Kurmajas pr. 13)
Concert and presentations of the workshop results – performances

More info and application form for the workshops:

“Sound days” is organized by Liepaja University Art Research Lab (MPLab) in cooperation with ASTE. Art, Science, Technology, Education. “Sound days” is created with the support of Liepaja City Municipality institution “Culture Department” and State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia (VKKF).