From May 21 to 22 ASTE in cooperation with the art and activism festival PIXELACHE and Liepāja University Art Research Laboratory (MPLab) organizes a series of online master classes, lectures and concerts for young sound artists “BURN_SLOW: Baltic and Nordic sound and radio art for spiritual well-being”. The sound artwork created as a result of the project will compete in the competition for paid participation in the online audio program of the international festival PIXELACHE 2021: Burn___. The project has been developed with the financial support of the Nordic Culture Point.

On the afternoon of May 21, public lectures and a discussion on the role of sound in promoting mental well-being will be available to both registered masterclass participants and others interested. Sound artist Krista Dintere will talk about the sense of time and listening techniques, media artist Maija Demitere will introduce slow media art, and media artist Ieva Vīksne will present the technique of biometric data-driven meditation. Masterclass leaders Jacob Remin, John Grzinich, Derek Holzer and Mantautas Krukauskas will also give presentations. Laura Gustafsson (Finland), Creative Director of PIXELACHE, will present the concept of the festival’s 2021 theme BURN___ and lead a panel discussion on the role of sound and art in promoting spiritual well-being.

Participants who will registered, on May 22 will be able to participate in master classes led by sound artists Jakob Remin (Denmark), John Grzinik (USA / Estonia), Derek Holzer (USA / Sweden) and Mantaut Kruskauskas (Lithuania). The master classes will introduce the techniques of media archeology, audio meditation, telematics and sound spatialization, inspiring young sound artists from the Baltic and Nordic countries to create innovative compositions for the audio program of the festival PIXELACHE. At the end of the program on May 22, a sound art performance of master class leaders and participants will take place, meeting remotely and improvising together in a virtual space online.

The 10 best sound artworks created as a result of the project will be played in the audio program of the Finnish art and activism festival PIXELACHE 2021: Burn___ from June 6-13.

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