Responding to the current uncertainity and socio-economic storms, artists and researchers of MPLab are exploring the fragile structure of mental ecology in processual works, interactive installations, immersive sound and VR environments, and their online exhibition offers a journey through physical and virtual gardens planted for self-sustainability, mental exercise and retreat.

Connect to the neuroacousting and photosonic online performances live on 12th of September 21:00 CET and on 13th of September 13:00 CET via

People of Liepaja know very well that a garden is essential for keeping the status quo – without planting a park along the coast, the little seaside town would be consumed by sand, wind and water. The roots of trees keep the structure of the dunes stable, and people of Liepaja can retreat from the everyday struggles and storms in a safe and constant calmness of the garden environment.

“Planting a Resort for Mental Ecology” is a response to the current overwhelming political, environmental and economic uncertainity of today. Residing in the coastal resort town of Liepaja, the artists and researchers of MPLab are exploring the concept of mental ecology (Guattari 1989) and developing techno-ecological systems and strategies for well-being during the times of change. In the web-based exhibition online visitors will be able to discover vernacular social practices of building places for psycho-emotional retreat; deep technology driven methods for the exploration of the mental sphere, and intimate acts of nurturing the well-beign of oneself.

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In the picture: the telegarden experience “Natural Growth”,
In the picture: the telegarden experience “Natural Growth”,