Art co-created with artificial intelligence and interactive systems on display in the exhibition “Automatic creativity” in Liepaja

From 16 February to 5 March 2024, the exhibition “Automatic Creativity” will take place in the exhibition hall of the Liepāja School of Music, Art and Design, 18 Alejas Street. Opening of the exhibition is on 15 February at 18.00. 

The artworks of the international exhibition “Automatic Creativity” depict the role of contemporary technologies and automated processes in shaping the perception, identity and well-being of society and the individual, as well as the unconscious, automatic actions that humans perform when adapting to the performance of machines. Estonian artist Taavi Suisalu’s poetic video installation sheds light on the autonomous interaction of devices to maintain human electronically mediated communication and relationships. Liepaja-based artist Gustavs Lociks reveals the creative reality constructions of artificial intelligence in multi-layered large-scale digital prints, while Ukrainian artist Oleksandr Sirous has constructed a decentralized archive in virtual reality from data digitally collected from the bodies of his compatriots as a monument to the painful existence of his people. The artist Krista Dzudzilo captured a moment in the practice of the performing artist, where routine and creativity, the precision of bodily performance and the interpretation of sound in the imagination meet.

The exhibition is part of the new media art festival UPDATE, inviting renowned artists from different countries and artistic disciplines to reflect on the processes of automating creativity together with new media artists and designers from Latvia and abroad. 

The UPDATE New Media Art Festival is organized by the artists’ association ASTE. Art, Science, Technology, Education and the Art Research Laboratory of the University of Liepaja (MPLab) with the aim to build an international network of creativity, exchange and collaboration in art and technology and to promote contemporary and innovative expressions of art and design in the region, as well as to enable the professional development of young artists by implementing an extensive free art and education programme in Liepaja every year.